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An opportunity to join me along my journey while I travel throughout the world is presented via my "Chronicles of a Nomadic Soul" series. Episodes 1-32 are now available for viewing. In them, you get a behind the scenes view of the young man behind the fierceness, heels, and makeup. Check it out and be sure to let me know which place it is you wish to visit! =)

For those waiting on NEW Uli music, enjoy this Moombahton mix of Ulises songs; perfect for working out or getting your Friday night started.🎶🔥💙

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2018 accomplishments:
- Released 3 Music videos: Pink Panther 💗, Saddle🐎, & Guacamole🥑 
- Sold exclusive Ulises merchandise 👕
- Released "El Piloto" & "Sacred Journey" 🎶🎵
- 10 Year anniversary for "Musically Promiscuous" album📀
- Joined AWAL under the Kobalt umbrella ☂️
- Reached streaming record for ULISES on Spotify 🔝
- MYOB course in London 🇬🇧
- Attended my 1st Latin Billboard Awards in Vegas🍾🎉

Today, I take the time to pause and celebrate my hard earned accomplishments. To everyone who supported me along the way by purchasing merchandise, streaming my music 🎧, sharing my videos 🎥, helping out, or sharing encouraging words/wisdom 🗣️, THANK YOU VERY much! Your support was instrumental in making 2018 a life-changing year. May you have a blessed and amazing 2019🗓️ and remember, change begins the moment you decide to step outside your comfort zone! Let's reach for the starz🌟!

One of the things I'm most proud of is that through my own hard work, I've been able to finance my own creative ventures. No one has given me anything. Even with limited budgets, I've been able to create solid deliveries. How major label backed artists' aren't able to create something powerful, catchy, & solid with all the support and resources (financial, creative, etc...) baffles me. While I am working on a lot of creative projects at the moment, no new photo sessions, videos, music, or ideas will be presented at this time. I've done enough to give investors and sponsors a taste of what I'm capable of creating. My question to them would be: What is it that you need & how much are you willing to pay me to deliver what you are attempting to achieve? 'Cause if you seek originality, freshness, & something unique, my #Goldn ideas are exactly what you need. #GoldN- best believe.

P.S. If you'd like to sponsor my creative ventures, click on the Support Now PayPal link below. Thank you in advance for your support! =)


I wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for all your love and support! Here are the latest numbers for music videos I've shot and released throughout my independent artistic career. 

Dripping in Gold: 46K views on Facebook, 1K views on Youtube
Saddle: 12K views on Facebook, 100+ views on Youtube
Guacamole: 26K views on Facebook, 400+ views on Youtube
Pink Panther: 1.5K views on Facebook, 400+ views on Youtube

As an independent artist, I sincerely appreciate all of your support. LOVE YOU GUYS!!! <3

One of my main focuses this year was to be more authentic in my presentation. Some of the things I enjoy include ease, affordability, comfort, and fashion. I’ve decided to own all of what I was attempting to mask and take care of my body even more while reducing my carbon footprint on this Earth and aligning more with who I am. Stay tuned as many new things are sure to come!

In February of 2018, I wrote a handful of songs which were intended to makeup the album I was planning to release on August 8th of this year. However, I’ve opted to go with the flow and since contributions on my IndieGogo campaign were scarce, I’ve decided to shelve this project. I’m nurturing NEW ideas I'm finding joy in doing instead of trying to force something to happen. My ultimate goal is to have fun while bringing them to life. Thankfully, I have created quite a catalog throughout the years and the NEW songs I've written, fortunately, are some of my best creations yet (lyrically, melodically, & production wise,) so I’m sure that in due time, they’ll see the light of day either through me or another artist. Priorities have changed, and I’m now going to be focusing and exploring other creative avenues that I find equally exciting. Nonetheless, writing will continue as I thoroughly enjoy playing around with words. Thank you for your continuous love and support!

I’m happy to share news that I have been accepted into the AWAL family powered by the industry revolutionizing KOBALT! Thank you for believing in me! Let’s get to work and do some BIG things!!

NEXT WEEK!!! "Pink Panther" visual arrives!


Avocados are a great source of vitamins C, E, K, B-6, and omega-3 fatty acids that are essential to a healthy lifestyle. I'd like to get this week started off on a good note; sit down, relax, and enjoy a spoon full of "Guacamole." A little side note- this is probably the funnest video I've ever done and I LOVE it! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! Bon appetit!!

"Guacamole" video countdown has begun with a premiere date set for MONDAY, MAY 14th, 2017. You ready?!

This month of May, I’ll be delivering to you a trilogy of visuals that are all very different, but still, very ULISES. My goal with them is to present to you ideas that have long been clamoring to physically be adapted onscreen. The common denominator of them all is creativity with each showcasing different sides of who ULISES, the creative visionary/artist is. Like David Bowie, “I’m a corporation of characters” too, and all of these which I’ll be presenting to you will showcase a different storyline I’ve adapted to each song as well as a variety of human emotions. “Saddle” showcases sexuality and desires, “Guacamole” showcases fun and happiness, and “Pink Panther” showcases justice with a twist of fun. Can’t wait till you guys see what I’ve been working on these past few months!! Stay tuned!!!

I love the power of transformation that makeup facilitates. One has the potential to bring ideas to life through various colors and textures via creativity. Best thing of it all, the canvas can be cleared and ready for the next “painting” at the end of each session or day. My goal with my music has always been to put smiles on people’s faces and make them feel good. My visuals- to bring to life a world of positivity, possibility, and creativity. This is why I do music... For me, music, fashion, and art have and will always be deeply intertwined; self-expression with an intent to connect with other individuals around the world will always remain the main goal, and I hope that through my artwork I'll continue to inspire, unite, and positively affect people from all walks of life.

Three things that make "El Piloto" special:

1. First SPANISH song I've produced, written, and released in my career
2. I hired a Spanish Guitarist to play to the track
3. The Mixing engineer has worked with Britney Spears, Ke$ha, and Diplo

All in all, this song is a winner in my book and I LOVE it! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Press PLAY and be sure to follow me on Spotify!

Ready to "Saddle" up? 5.7.18

May's Triple Play is right around the corner. What to expect? New videos, music, and pictures! You ready?!?!

Since it's officially 4.20, I wanted to set this Friday ablaze by sharing news of the release of my 1st self produced, written, and recorded SPANISH single titled "El Piloto." Bring on Cinco de Mayo!!!

"Sacred Journey" came to life within two hours of both writing and recording it. What I LOVE about this record is that it feels unlike anything I've ever done. It's lush, organic instrumentation mixed with that falsetto makes this record one that never gets old; timeless. So, wait no more! Embark on this "Sacred Journey" with me!!! PRESS PLAY above and enjoy!!!


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