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What you want?  Beats? A sexy man to sing to ya?  Well look no more.  Nestled within the folds of Dallas, TX urban artists sits a young talent with plenty of bump.  On his second LP Musically Promiscuous, Ulises definitely has the right tools to make a big glittery name for himself should fate smile upon him.

What's striking about this album is the smooth professionalism.  It's dance without being cheesy.  'Fever' and 'Give Me' will put that tazz on the dance floor.  Ulises's delivery fits in perfectly.  He sounds great and his execution is buttery smooth.  It's truly refreshing and exciting to find such an artist right in our backyard.

Ladies...hold on to your hearts.  Because when young Ulises (21) sings of love like on tracks 'Unpredictable'  and 'I'll Be Right There' you will swoon.  Take note fellas he's not just for the ladies.  He's playa and nice guy friendly as well.

What more can I say.  The music is nice, freshly arranged and ready for radio.  If your local radio is sleepy and not playing this do yourself a favor and download it.  You won't regret it.  Promise.

“One day, I’d love to win a Billboard Award, an AMA, and a Grammy, but the most gratifying award I could receive- knowing that my music has touched someone’s life. I am extremely proud and honored to finally be exposing my sophomore CD- Musically Promiscuous- to the world. I definitely feel that I achieved my goal of showcasing my growth as a singer, songwriter, and producer when compared to my debut CD 'Projection Beautiful'. All 15 tracks within this project have a special place in my heart; I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

There is still so much more I’d like to do, and yet I know that this is only the beginning. I didn’t choose music; music chose me. Therefore, I have the responsibility to positively influence peoples lives, to be a leader, to open up doors, to perform all over the world, to be accepted, to bring about change, to break down any barriers, to be me. There is still a lot more to come from Ulises and all I can say is that it’s my time to shine. 2008- Ulises is here and I ain’t going nowhere!!!” exclaims Ulises.

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Dallas Voice

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Ulises is a young artist with a taste for large shiny neckties, and a talent for creating original music. On his self-released CD Projection Beautiful, the kid wastes no time in demonstrating his skills at ... well, everything! With the sole exception of mastering (which nobody cares about, anyhow), Ulises did everything, from conception to completion of this CD. Writing, playing, singing, producing, mixing ... all in a day's work for the mighty Ulises. Now, that's the independent spirit in action! The tunes are youthful and zesty, with elements of rap and reggaetón mixed into fairly solid pop song formats. Did I mention the term danceable? After pulling out my microscope in order to read the lyrics inside the booklet, I was delighted to find out that they were very good. Mostly English-language, with un poquito de español just to keep everybody on their toes. Perhaps Ulises will use a larger font on his next CD, so that we older folks can read it, too, without visual aids (just a thought). On a scale of 2.75 to 117, I'd give Ulises a solid 106. (PT)

Harder Beat Magazine Online

American Idol wannabes watch out! Ulises is moving like a powerful Latino locomotive on a mission to shake your neighborhood discothèque. This disc has 13 spicy tracks that will get you sweating like a gigolo waiting for his VD test results. The most notable songs include "Cancer" and "Muevette Latino." It's the perfect soundtrack for getting all types and degrees of naughty, on-and-off the dance floor. If you are searching for a local sound to heat up your nights, this is it. (Shane Epting)- Harder Beat Magazine Online April '07

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