5 Year Anniversary!! 

5 years ago, I released my album "God's Gay Sun." Today we celebrate this accomplishment. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do so thanks to your support! Thank you!

10 Year Anniversary!! 

10 years ago, I released my third studio album titled "Frequencies of Brilliance." An abrupt shakeup to my world prompted me to create this composition of songs which I wrote, produced, and recorded. If you'd like to check it out, the links are below. Thank you for your continuous support! It's truly appreciated! =)


iTunes Link


In an effort to being more transparent and open, I decided to compile a video of past snaps I've captured. Check it out! ^_^


I was so inspired by the #OutOfTheShadows documentary that I created a song titled "QAnon" feat Kanye West (Production: Dillon Francis.) Check it out y'all.


"Come on follow me

Into the wonderland

Got to wind up

Lift your mind up

Come on follow me

Into the wonderland

Let's vibe higher

Light that fire"

Moombahton Mix 

For those waiting on NEW Uli music, enjoy this Moombahton mix of Ulises songs; perfect for working out or getting your Friday night started.???

Like what you hear? Download this song for FREE here: 


2018 in 1 Minute 

2018 accomplishments:
- Released 3 Music videos: Pink Panther ?, Saddle?, & Guacamole? 
- Sold exclusive Ulises merchandise ?
- Released "El Piloto" & "Sacred Journey" ??
- 10 Year anniversary for "Musically Promiscuous" album?
- Joined AWAL under the Kobalt umbrella ☂️
- Reached streaming record for ULISES on Spotify ?
- MYOB course in London ??
- Attended my 1st Latin Billboard Awards in Vegas??

Today, I take the time to pause and celebrate my hard earned accomplishments. To everyone who supported me along the way by purchasing merchandise, streaming my music ?, sharing my videos ?, helping out, or sharing encouraging words/wisdom ?️, THANK YOU VERY much! Your support was instrumental in making 2018 a life-changing year. May you have a blessed and amazing 2019?️ and remember, change begins the moment you decide to step outside your comfort zone! Let's reach for the starz?!


One of the things I'm most proud of is that through my own hard work, I've been able to finance my own creative ventures. No one has given me anything. Even with limited budgets, I've been able to create solid deliveries. How major label backed artists' aren't able to create something powerful, catchy, & solid with all the support and resources (financial, creative, etc...) baffles me. While I am working on a lot of creative projects at the moment, no new photo sessions, videos, music, or ideas will be presented at this time. I've done enough to give investors and sponsors a taste of what I'm capable of creating. My question to them would be: What is it that you need & how much are you willing to pay me to deliver what you are attempting to achieve? 'Cause if you seek originality, freshness, & something unique, my #Goldn ideas are exactly what you need. #GoldN- best believe.

P.S. If you'd like to sponsor my creative ventures, click on the Support Now PayPal link below. Thank you in advance for your support! =)



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